Pregnancy helpline frequently asked questions

Pregnancy helpline frequently asked questions

During your pregnancy it’s very likely that you will have a million and one questions on everything from diet to medication or the labour experience itself. And when you have these questions then you will want to try and find out the answers from your midwife, friends, family members, a pregnancy helpline or an online resource.

In this article we look at the top 20 questions that were identified by a survey from Start4Life in 2014.

The survey involved 4,508 expectant mums, who were each asked what questions were on their minds during this time. This produced just over 53,000 individual questions and out of this the top 20 questions were identified.

The questions below are ranked in order of popularity, with number 1 being the most popular one:

  1. How will I know I am in labour? What are the signs of labour?
  2. What pain relief options are available?
  3. How do I know s/he is getting enough milk?
  4. How will I cope with labour?
  5. How long will labour last?
  6. How will I cope with being a parent? Looking after a newborn?
  7. How often/when will I see my midwife?
  8. How much milk does s/he need? (when weaning)?
  9. How many weeks pregnant am I?
  10. How do I deal with morning sickness? Morning sickness remedies?
  11. Best way to wean/how?
  12. How can I get the baby to latch on?
  13. Will the birth hurt?
  14. Will I be able to breastfeed?
  15. Breastfeeding: How do I do it?
  16. When will morning sickness end? When do I stop feeling sick?
  17. Should I sleep on a particular side? How do I sleep with a bump?
  18. When/how should I contact my midwife or GP?
  19. How can I cope with no sleep?
  20. What exercise can I do?

These questions cover a wide range of topics, including pain, breastfeeding and the labour itself. The mothers-to-be also wanted to know about things related to their own health.

Pregnant women have traditionally looked to find out information from pregnancy helplines and other sources; however there are other great options that make the best use of app technology and the popularity of mobile phones and tablets.

We’ve designed our app to allow mums-to-be the chance to find out the answers to all of their questions by messaging and having live chat conversations with our team of qualified midwives. Download it today and get the advice you need.