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Written by Ben Lanning of TwinDadHQ after using our Ask the Midwife app:

As I sit on my sofa, twin 1 to the side in the moses basket and twin 2 is currently attached to my wife like an iPod to the docking station with the playlist on repeat and here we go before I know twin 1 is now softly spewing up over those nice creme rompers Great Grandma got, ….. That seems to be my life right now as I adjust to being a first time dad to our twins, Edmund and Emerson who knocked me to my knees the day they entered this mad world and made me ask myself the rhetorical question of “Am I ready?”. Even though I realistically had no choice but what I did have was many um, should this be happening? Argh, what room temperature should the bedroom be at for when they sleep? Questions and just as I thought I had it, my wonderful all so supportive mother in law descends with a whole new parenting vocabulary of, witching hour? What the babies or my wife, I know her hormones are bad but witch? Cluster feeding? Surely they are too young for honey nut Kellogg’s for breakfast right?

ask the midwife app

Well, guess what? I stumbled across the instagram account of Ask the Midwife and well, being honest I was 50/50 about it because I’m not the type of guy to speak up, I much prefer to wing it and then kiss and make up with the wife if it’s dressing one twin with his vest upside down and inside out. I took a leap of faith to open up my first time Daddy questions to their app and I have never looked back on asking else where.

I have found the app to be mainly a few things; simple, informative, correct information, supportive, a safe place and an ease on communication. Like I seriously have time to google the 101 questions whilst I have twins! With just a simple ask or chat one click button I am in contact with a UK registered midwife ready and waiting to answer my question in as much or as little detail as I need. Even if I am still unsure I can pretty much have a professional compassionate heart to heart, one to one with a midwife who makes me feel important,  who listens and understands, gives me undivided attention on the struggles or questions I am facing from 7:00am until 9:00pm and one night they even went above and beyond and messaged me back after the dedicated open timeslots. Plus I can even ask a question at 3:00am and it will be answered that very same morning, dedicated team or what! The app is seven days a week, which I found reassuring as most support from the health clinics, groups or other websites are only Monday to Friday and you can often have a long wait due to the high demand, well with Ask the Midwife on average I was answered within 40 minutes across the seven days, now that I personally think is impressive.
ask the midwife app
I found the app to be creative, simple to use even when flustered with a poop nappy and the wife breaking down in the corner over sore nipples, not sure what to do? Ask the Midwife is a simple one click button app. The colour schemes they used and design is attractive, warm and vibrant, a real eye catching app. Their staff aka the awesome registered midwives do not judge or bat an eye lid, the bar of professionalism is high, satellite high I would say. You will never feel like a number or a patient to them but a parent doing their best needing some reassurance and I can assure you reassurance is exactly what you will get.
They are simple with their to advice you, not take over emergency care but the care that they do give their standard is rated from me five star *****

Would I recommend the app? YES. Will I be using it again? Yes if we have more children in the future. Am I fully satisfied? 100%.

From the now confident, ready and rearing to go, armed with knowledge, fulfilling daddy-hood
Ben Lanning of TwinDadHQ

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