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Popularity of Baby Boxes is growing and leading the stampede is British Baby Box, a brand which has been instrumental in introducing this Finnish concept to parents in the UK. Here Susan Purse from the Essex-based brand explains what they are and why every new mum wants one.

When I first came across Baby Boxes my first reaction was: “Why would I want to put my baby in a box?”

But upon investigation I discovered they are all the rage in Finland where, for 80 years, every newborn has been gifted one from the government.

The scheme has had spectacular results.

Studies have shown that putting a baby to sleep in a Baby Box rather than a cot or Moses’ basket can help reduce the causes associated with sudden infant death syndrome and the state Baby Box programme in Finland is widely believed to have been a significant factor in reducing the country’s infant mortality rate to the 5th lowest in the world.

With such incredible results, it astonished me and my friend and colleague Sarah Simons that these boxes were not widely available in the UK.

This was when British Baby Box was born.

Putting safety first

I have to admit I have a very personal reason for wanting to champion it in Britain.

My fourth child was stillborn and this life-changing and devastating event has largely shaped decisions I have made in all areas of my life.

It led to my husband and I fostering a number of children and choosing to adopt.

It also led to my desire to champion baby safety – from conception right through to birth and beyond.

Baby Boxes are one of the safest ways to put your baby to sleep, replacing the frills and fuss of a crib with a streamlined safe space with a tightly fitted mattress.

Our company also work directly with the Lullaby Trust, providing leaflets in our packaging on safer sleep practices such as lying your infant on their back, feet at the foot of the bed.

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Our brand

Our aim is to support all new mothers and so we offer a range of packages to make the Baby Box affordable to all.

Our simplest option is cheaper than the average Moses basket and comes with the mattress and fitted sheet as well as a lid which transforms into a handy changing area.

We have also given the Scandinavian concept a homegrown twist – and can say with absolutely certainty that our products are 100% British.

Not only are the baby boxes created by British designers, but everything in them – from blankets, beanies and bibs to sleepsuits, sheets and scratch mittens – is sourced in the UK too.

This allows us to support and promote British manufacturing, championing British companies who create luxury apparel and accessories for young children, using the finest British materials and the finest British craftsmanship.

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Baby Boxes are not just a hot parenting trend.

They have increased the choices and price points in baby products – allowing mums and dads to make the right decision for their families.

Find out more about British Baby Box at

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