Preventing Nappy Rash


Unfortunately nappy rash is something that most babies will experience at some point. We have the answers to all your nappy rash questions, preventing nappy rash, spotting it as early as possible and treating nappy rash.

What Causes Nappy Rash?

Nappy rash is caused by the sensitive skin on your baby’s bottom becoming sore and irritated by their nappy. There are also a number of other reasons that may contribute to nappy rash including diarrhea, chemicals in washing powder, prolonged contact with a wet or dirty nappy and particularly sensitive skin. Because the skin on your baby’s bottom is so delicate it is normal for your baby to develop nappy rash as some point, regardless of how careful you have been. Luckily most nappy rashes will clear up within a week.


Preventing Nappy Rash

There are a number of ways to help prevent nappy rash; the most important part will be keeping your baby’s bottom clean and dry. Here are a number of helpful tips to help prevent nappy rash;-

  • Changes your baby’s nappy regularly. Check every couple of hours that the nappy is still clean and dry. Change your baby’s nappy after a feed and before they go to sleep.
  • Be sure to wash the entire are including all folds of skin. Where possible use soft reusable wipes, such as Cheeky Wipes.
  • Ensure your baby is completely dry after washing and changing.
  • Allow your baby to lay or a towel or their changing mat with no nappy on as often as possible, this will allow fresh air to get to their sensitive bottom.
  • When fastening your baby’s nappy ensure air can still circulate inside and ensure it isn’t rubbing or chafing anywhere.
  • Avoid the use of talcum powder.
  • Use a barrier cream, but be sure to only apply a thin layer.




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