Dad and Baby

Tips for Men on the Maternity Ward

First and foremost stay calm, when labour starts there’s no going back. You’re about to witness your other half do something you are never going to forget, so buckle up. Panic Pete is not welcome! Humour is welcome! Make her laugh. She may threaten to kill you stone dead, but inside she’s peeing her little[…]

smallest things

Mothers of Premature Babies Need More Support

Mothers of Premature Babies Need More Support Expecting a baby is a time filled with hope and anticipation. You begin to plan. You ‘nest’, decorating the nursery, buying cribs, buggies and tiny baby grows. You prepare. Packing your hospital bag, finalising birth plans and saying goodbye to work colleagues as you begin your maternity leave.[…]

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Using Drugs for pain relief in Labour – What you need to know

By Jenny Lord There are no medals for completing the marathon that is labour and birth, nor does it affect what sort of Mother you are going to be!  This post is designed to inform you about the different types of pain relief you may be offered or would like in labour, and the pros[…]

How your due date is calculated

How we calculate your due date, and why it is 9 months and not 10

By Jenny, from Midwife and Life When you get pregnant, it’s one of the first things you want to know, when is my due date?  Nowadays there are lots of online calculators you can use.  Then, people start questioning, why 40 weeks?  Isn’t that 10 months?  And why am I 4 weeks pregnant when 4[…]


Surprising things you can eat in pregnancy, and what you definitely shouldn’t

Written by Jenny from Midwife and Life.   There’s so much confusion about what you can and can’t eat, drink and do during pregnancy so I thought I’d put a guide here.  Different countries guidelines vary, for example the French on the whole don’t avoid any cheeses (Homage de Fromage!), I’m going by the UK[…]